Developmental Therapy for Adults

Upper Valley Options is an inclusive facility that offers rehabilitative and Habilitative services that include assessment, diagnostic, and treatments that are provided on an outpatient basis to persons with developmental disabilities. These services include but are not limited are as follows: Community, Facility, and Home Based Services. Adult Day is also provided for those individuals that choose to do that. Upper Valley Options has Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy on site that is provided by contracted by private therapist if needed. You are able to choose these services based on a calculated budget determined by your Sib-r score when you visit with the Idaho Center for Disabilities.

A Sib-r (Scales of Independent Behavior-Revised) score contains a functional limitation index, which can be used to define the presence and severity of the adaptive behavior limitations. The Support Score is a weighted measure of maladaptive and adaptive behaviors that is used to determine the support, supervision, and resources an individual needs.

Services for Children

Individualized, comprehensive interventions that have been shown to be effective and are used on a short term, one-to-one basis that produce measurable outcomes that diminish behaviors that interfere with the development and use of language and appropriate social interaction skills; or broaden an otherwise severely restricted range of interest; and increase the child’s ability to participate in other therapies and environments.

Adult Day Recreation & Learning

This is a structured day program that provides individually planned care, supervision, social interaction, and supportive services in a protective setting. Upper Valley Options provides a monthly calendar of events that you can choose what activities you would enjoy the most if not all. Adult Day is an adventure that only you create, if it’s a possibility, we’ll be sure to incorporate it. We also, believe that this an opportunity to incorporate the skills you’re learning in other areas of Developmental Therapy. Visit our Facebook page or gallery to see the fun and exciting activities that our other friends are enjoying. We’re sure you will enjoy them as well!!!