About Us



Scott has worked in health related fields for many years. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Sciences from Idaho State University. His background included working in the Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine industry. It was here that he developed a passion to serve the special needs population. In 2000, Scott ventured out and created what is now known as Upper Valley Options with the desire to work exclusively with the individuals he enjoys most. He is currently our Developmental Specialist for our Rexburg location and works with our children as a Habilitative Interventionist. Through the years, he has developed close relationships with several local and state agencies to ensure that his clientele reach their fullest potential.

Our Staff

Here at Upper Valley Options we pride ourselves on having employees who are not only caring but also extremely dedicated to each and every client and their needs. Upon hiring, each potential employee is required to pass a Criminal Background Check done through the Department of Health and Welfare. They are also expected to be CPR and 1st Aid Certified and are well trained in the individual needs and implementation plans for the clients.

Tyana Krieger

Rexburg Location

Office Manager

Tyana Krieger is the Office Manager at our Rexburg location. She started working at Upper Valley Options in 2010.  She is the one who coordinates all of our activities and schedules all our meetings.  Tyana is also over our billing for both locations.  She is very effective in the job she does, and loves working with each and every participant.

Susana Yanez

Rexburg Location

Group Leader

Susana has been a part of our team since 2011. She works as our Group Leader in the Rexburg office, and is the one who does the daily scheduling for the staff and clients. Although she is certified in Habilitative Supports, Susana works mainly with our adults and runs our Adult Day Program. She is an essential part of our team, and works hard to keep things running smoothly.

Julie Rhoades

Idaho Falls Location

Developmental Specialist

Julie Rhoades has been working at Upper Valley Options since September 2012. She has worked as a Developmental Specialist for children and adults since 1999. Julie has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education from the University of Idaho and is also a Habilitative Interventionist. As our current DS at our Idaho Falls office, Julie will be a part of the plan development to fit the needs of each individual.

Afton Coles

Idaho Falls Location

Office Manager

Afton Coles started working with disabled adults and children since 1992. In September of 2012 she started working at Upper Valley Options. She works as the Office Manager and Group Leader in our Idaho Falls office. In her years working with the disabled community she has worked with a wide range of disabilities and has able to structure the environment to meet the needs of each individual.

Amy Tonks

Rexburg & Idaho Falls Location

Children Services Director

Amy Tonks is the Director of the Children Services here at Upper Valley Options. She has worked with the special needs community for years. Amy started to work at Upper Valley Options in 2016. She has her Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology from BYU- Idaho. She also is a certified Habilitative Interventionist. Amy currently works at both our Rexburg and Idaho Falls offices, and has made our Children’s Program grow in so many ways.